Automobile Liability

We have defended claims arising from automobile accidents for many decades.

Our attorneys have experience with a wide range of matters involved in automobile liability cases. This includes small cases involving soft-tissue injuries, alongside multimillion dollar cases with complex, multiple medical issues, such as spinal and other orthopedic injuries, paraplegia and quadriplegia, and neuropsychological injuries. Several shareholders and senior associates regularly defend a large volume of such automobile claims. We have broad experience and knowledge and a high success rate in defending these claims.

Boileau v. Secreto – Defense verdict after two week jury trial resulting from multiple motor vehicle accident.

Cox v. Higley – Defense of a rear-end auto accident where plaintiff suffered neck and back injuries resulting in a cervical fusion at two levels. Plaintiff turned down a $95,000 offer and asked for $500,000 at trial. Defense verdict.

Danberry-Schekel v. Barton: Defense of personal injury claim arising from multiple vehicle motor vehicle accident. Co-defendant settled for $13,000, but client proceeded to jury trial, in which jury awarded damages of $300, despite evidence of $10,000 in medical bills.

Baba v. Soukasone: Defense of personal injury claim arising from rear-end motor vehicle accident in which fault was admitted. Jury found defendant not liable due to a lack of proximate cause.

Cleek v. Kindinger: Defense of motor vehicle accident claim in which liability was admitted. Despite $4,000 in chiropractic treatment, jury awarded plaintiff only $1,800.

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