Bad Faith Coverage

We have decades of experience in litigating all types of actions between insurance companies and the people they insure.

We have many decades of experience in litigating all types of insurance actions. Our attorneys know and understand the perils facing insurers whose policyholders allege wrongful conduct in the investigation, handling, and payment of claims. Washington law places heavy burdens on the insurer that can create traps for the unwary. Coverage issues involving automobile, commercial liability, property, premises, environmental, fidelity, and business-interruption coverage, as well as subrogation and contribution among insurers, are just some of the types of disputes we litigate. Additionally, we defend insurers in extra-contractual claims for violation of the duty of good faith and statutes such as the Insurance Fair Conduct Act and the Washington Consumer Protection Act. Our attorneys have also provided innumerable evaluations and opinions to clients in insurance-coverage matters, often providing advice that helps resolve a coverage issue and thereby avoid litigation.

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