Environmental & Toxic Tort

We have defended many cases involving alleged injury or disease due to exposure to chemicals and products.

Our attorneys have defended many cases in which claimants alleged injury or disease from exposure to chemicals or products including diethylstilbestrol (DES), paints, isocyanate, asbestos, formaldehyde, carbon tetrachloride, natural gas, chlorine, epoxies, lead, punch presses, lawnmowers, air compressors, pumps, airplane parts, fire extinguishing systems, and mining equipment. We have experience with claims arising under CERCLA and MTCA, including petroleum spills and groundwater contamination.

Zamora v. Mobil Oil Corp. – 104 Wn.2d 211, 704 P.2d 591 (1985) (product liability).

Brown v. Associated Heating & Sheetmetal – Defense of HVAC subcontractor in double wrongful death case due to carbon monoxide poisoning arising from alleged improper venting of swimming pool heater

Bodin v. Stanwood – Ms. Young obtained a defense verdict after a four week long trial arising from claims by downstream homeowners whose homes were flooded and damaged after the Stillaguamish River flooded the City of Stanwood ‘s sewer lagoon and surrounding area. The verdict was upheld despite appeals to the Washington Supreme Court

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