Product Liability

The attorneys at Lee Smart understand matters of product liability, especially in the area of consumer products.

Our attorneys understand matters of product liability, with particular emphasis in the area of consumer products. These claims can have national or even international implications that develop at a remarkably rapid speed. Our attorneys have experience navigating the complex matrix of private and governmental agencies that are also involved in these claims. We have defended manufacturers and distributors against these claims in the state and federal level. This experience allows us to effectively guide our clients through the complex litigation and regulatory process.

Young v. Key Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 112 Wn.2d 216, 770 P.2d 182 (1989) – medical malpractice and product liability case on behalf of minor who was injured after taking drug prescribed to treat asthma. In ruling on multiple issues relating to tolling of the statute of limitations and the standard of care, the Washington Supreme Court adopted the reasoning of the United States Supreme Court regarding a defending party’s burden of proof on summary judgment.

Fox v. Sunmaster Products, Inc., 63 Wn. App. 561, 821 P.2d 502 (1991) – Products liability action was brought against manufacturer of ladder and purchaser of manufacturer. The Court of Appeals upheld summary judgment dismissal of the plaintiff’s claims, resolving issues related to proper service of process and liability of successor corporation that purchased manufacturer.

Soos Creek Water & Sewer Dist. v. Jet Set Northwest – obtained summary judgment dismissal of supplier of concrete repair product in product liability case arising out of property damage and economic loss by water and sewer district

Moles v. Milgard Manufacturing – Defense of window manufacturer in case brought by homeowner for water intrusion in EIFS clad residential new construction

Northern Fruit Co. v. Isolcell Italia – Defense of generator manufacturer in product liability lawsuit brought by owner of fruit storage facility

Eastside Design v. Hansons v. Great Floors – Defense of flooring seller in product liability and construction defect lawsuit brought by homeowners

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