05/22/2017 Medical Malpractice

Defense Verdict

Steven G. Wraith and Jonathan J. Loch obtained a defense verdict in the case of Luther v. Bloomfield in King County Superior Court.  Plaintiff sued a package delivery service and its employe... Read more »

04/02/2015 Municipal Liability

Municipal Liability for Intentional Acts of Others

A county may be liable for a released inmate’s crimes if the county knew or should have known the inmate was likely to attack others, the Washington Court of Appeals has held. In Binshus v. Sate,... Read more »

04/02/2015 Insurance Practice

Policy Language is Construed Strictly Against an Insurer

The Court of Appeals has again made it clear that in Washington, policy language will be construed literally where an insurer attempts to exclude or limit coverage, but liberally where the policy desc... Read more »

06/05/2014 Legal Malpractice

Mary DePaolo Haddad and Joel E. Wright won summary judgment dismissal of a legal malpractice claim in Jobe v. Fischer & Ritchie, LLP, et al. in King County Superior Court.  The plaintiff sued bas... Read more »

06/04/2014 Miscellaneous

Sam B. Franklin and William L. Cameron received prevailed on appeal in Anderson v. Dussault. Division II of the Court of Appeals affirmed summary judgment of dismissal against a trust beneficiary who ... Read more »

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