Healthcare Malpractice

We have represented a wide variety of healthcare providers in all aspects of malpractice claims. See how we can help you.

We represent a wide variety of healthcare providers in all aspects of malpractice claims. Our attorneys understand the unique nature of malpractice actions and the potentially devastating effects they can have, both personally and professionally.

The healthcare professionals we represent include physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, veterinarians, physical and massage therapists, mental health professionals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Our attorneys frequently provide seminars and conferences for our clients on risk management and related issues.

White v. Kent Medical Center, Inc. – 61 Wn. App. 163, 810 P.2d 4 (1991) (medical malpractice).

Young v. Key Pharmaceuticals – Defense of pediatric allergist in theophylline overdose/brain damage case. Summary judgment for defendants affirmed on appeal, holding pharmacist’s affidavit insufficient to establish standard of care for prescribing medications. State Supreme Court opinion remains the leading case for defense summary judgment motions. 112 Wn.2d 216, 770 P.2d 182.

Harbin v. OMSDefense verdict after jury trial in which plaintiffs were claiming a foreign object was left in the left maxillary sinus during the extraction of the upper left third molar. Plaintiffs’ damages included chronic sinusitis, loss of smell with decreased taste and increased respiratory sensitivity. Plaintiffs had asked the jury for an award of $572,000

Rupnick v. Wright– Defense of neurosurgeon in claim of failure to correct postoperative cauda equina syndrome, resulting in permanent sacral nerve root deficits. Defense verdict.

Hines v. BEPS– Defense of wrongful death case against emergency physician who treated recurrent nosebleed. Defense verdict.

Lopez v. Skagit Valley Hospital– Defense of hospital in birth injury case. Dismissed at the close of plaintiffs’ evidence.

Tinker v. Sisters of Providence– Defense of hospital for failure to screen newborn for phenylketonuria (PKU), resulting in brain damage. Defense verdict, affirmed on appeal to Ninth Circuit.

McCandless v. Buckner– Defense of physician in IUD case with no defense expert. Verdict for less than amount offered.

Milleson v. Romig– Defense of physician, claim of unnecessary hysterectomy. Defense verdict.

Myers v. Gant – Defense of obstetrician in birth injury case. Defense verdict.

Kilgore v. Highline– Defense of hospital in admitted liability case (nurse used wrong equipment). Verdict for same amount suggested by defense in opening statement.

Skalka v. Ulvila – Defense of nephrologists in wrongful death case (heart arrhythmia). Defense verdict.

Lee v. DDS – Defense verdict after a two week jury trial in which plaintiff was claiming a failure to diagnose and treat periodontal disease combined with orthodontic care that led to bone loss, mobile teeth, neuropathic pain and inability to function.

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