Lawyer Discipline Defense

We are well-versed in the substantive rules governing lawyer conduct and in the state’s procedural rules governing discipline.

The WSBA Office of Disciplinary Counsel receives more than 2000 grievances against lawyers every year, and that number is growing. But to the lawyers who are subject to those grievances, the experience is most often unique, sometimes unanticipated, and certainly personal. The last thing a lawyer should do in the face a grievance is to go it alone. An effective response to a bar grievance must be thorough, timely, and measured. The most effective response can be achieved only with the assistance of counsel who not only understands the lawyer discipline system, but also takes the time to understand the unique details of the grievance in light of your practice and the details of the underlying matter.

Our attorneys are well-versed not only in the substantive rules governing lawyer conduct, but in the procedural rules governing the discipline system in Washington. Although most grievances are resolved short of hearing, our attorneys have defended disciplinary matters through hearing and on appeal. We handle all manner of grievances and legal malpractice cases arising from a wide variety of practice areas, including family law, criminal defense, torts, probate, medical malpractice, immigration, commercial practice and litigation, business practice, and tax law.

Lee Smart has defended countless lawyers in disciplinary matters but does not list representative cases here to protect client confidentiality.

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