Legal Malpractice

We have successfully defended many hundred legal-malpractice claims and lawsuits in superior courts, the Washington Court of Appeals, the Washington Supreme Court, U.S. District Court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals.

Our attorneys have defended claims arising from virtually every type of law practice, including securities, tax law, family law, criminal defense, trusts and estates, medical malpractice, immigration, and business practice. We have defended countless disciplinary cases before the Washington State Bar Association.

We have broad experience and a high success rate in defending these claims. The firm also offers continuing legal education seminars and risk-management advice to lawyers.

Eskridge v. Law Firm, 9 Wn. App. 1038 (2019) (physician sued his lawyer for failing to contest revocation of hospital privileges; summary judgment for lawyer granted and affirmed on appeal)

Arden v. Forsberg & Umlauf, P.S., 193 Wn. App. 731, 328-29, 373 P.3d 320, 193 Wn. App. 731 (2016), aff’d Arden v. Forsberg & Umlauf, P.S., 189 Wn.2d 315, 402 P.3d 245 (2017) (summary judgment for law firm affirmed; no conflict of interest for insurance-defense firm to defend insureds in litigation against insurer, despite ongoing attorney-client relationship with that insurer)

Piris v. Kitching, 185 Wn.2d 856, 375 P.3d 627 (2016) (ex-client who sued his criminal-defense attorney for excessive period of incarceration must prove by preponderance of evidence that he was actually innocent of charge; summary judgment for lawyer affirmed)

Kenco Enterprises Nw., LLC v. Law Firm, 172 Wn. App. 607, 291 P.3d 261 (2013) (rule against assignment of legal-malpractice claims reaffirmed and extended)

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